February 25, 2024

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Greece: New measures to tackle the pandemic

New restrictive measures against coronavirus announced by Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris and government spokesman Yannis Oikonomu under the weight of alarming reports of the aggressive spread of the Omicron mutation.

“Omicron is already present in our country,” said Mr Pleuris, adding that in terms of transmissibility, the new mutation is very high, although there are signs of a milder course of the disease.

According to Mr. Pleuris’s statement and the committee’s recommendations, the measures cover two stages:

1st. From tomorrow until January 2nd.

2nd: from January 3 onwards.

The committee will revise the data on December 27.

So, starting tomorrow at 6 am:

The mask becomes mandatory in all indoor and outdoor areas. This measure also applies to enclosed spaces such as gyms and restaurants (at the entrance). Especially in public transport and supermarkets, the use of a double face mask or high protection mask (KN-95) is becoming mandatory. All public holiday Christmas and New Years planned by the municipalities are canceled. Visitors entering Greece, in addition to pre-existing predictions (requires PCR 72 or Rapid 24 hours with a strong recommendation to repeat the test on days 2 and 4 after entering the country. Strong recommendation to conduct a self-test as often as possible before every social event You should be especially careful about your contacts with older children after departure to small children.

It was preceded by a meeting at the Maxim’s Palace under Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the participation of an expert commission, during which the proposals of scientists were discussed.

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