September 22, 2023

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Dangerous positions – how you can’t sleep

At different periods of our lives, doctors recommended that we sleep on our side, on our back, on our stomach … Recent research by scientists has allowed us to determine the most dangerous sleeping positions – you did not know for sure.

As it turned out, sleeping on your back or on your side with a pillow under your head as usual is not only not recommended – it is dangerous. This situation leads to many troubles: scoliosis, pelvic distortion and even a change in bite.

Our body diligently remembers the most comfortable position for it, taking into account the existing problems, that is, chronic diseases. For example, muscle tension on the left side of the body subconsciously makes you sleep on the right side. If you persist and fall asleep on the left, then the aggravation of the condition and the aggravation of problems sends a signal to the body – this is fraught with trouble for it, and it obediently remembers information.

However, sleeping on your side, on either side, provokes a number of problems:

scoliosis, as a result of a skewed pelvis in this position; grinding of teeth due to “sliding” of the jaw to the side; overstrain of the chewing muscles – for the reason from the second paragraph.

Have you decided, then, to sleep on your back? Only not without a pillow – in this position the jaw “falls through”, and the constant presence during sleep in this position will invariably lead to a gradual change in the bite and even facial features.

So how is sleep good for you? Experts recommend the best sleeping position: use a large pillow – from the waist to the head – and sleep on your back, with your upper body raised to 45 degrees. Such an unusual (but only at first glance) position allows the bone frame and muscles to completely relax. At the same time, not a single element of the body is endangered by deformation.

Of course, these recommendations are preventive. If problems have already been diagnosed, only the attending physician can give the most correct advice about the posture during sleep, the right choice of mattress and pillow. With osteochondrosis, for example, the position during the night rest plays a vital role in its treatment and prevention of complications.

If you have discomfort in the back, lower back or neck, consult a specialist – the earlier the diagnosis is made, the more successfully you can prevent the occurrence of more serious problems. And besides, an experienced specialist will advise how best for you to sleep at night in order to wake up vigorous in the morning, and health problems bypassed you.

Osteopathic doctor Sergei Eleutheriadis.
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