The fourth dose of the vaccine: to whom it is recommended

Now is the time to talk about the 4th dose of the vaccine. To whom it is recommended, experts answer.

“People with severe immunosuppression are the only people who could be considered for a fourth dose of the vaccine,” says Vana Papaevangelu, in response to a question asked during a Ministry of Health briefing on Thursday 9/12.

What does the head of Pfizer say about this: “This idea has not yet taken shape completely, it is not yet time.” However, he referred to the importance of the third dose, stressing that “it is imperative that everyone, especially adults over 50, take the third dose, especially before Christmas and for fear of the spread of the Omicron mutation.”

The third shot is also safe, ΕΟΦ representatives say. Israel has published large new studies. In one of them, it was recorded that the third dose in people over 50 reduces the risk of death by 90%. Another study says that the benefits of the drug extend to all ages and reduce the likelihood of infection by 12-17 times. “In addition to protecting the elderly, it also helps to reduce the pandemic,” the specialists said in a statement.

Gikas Mallorkinis, professor of epidemiology and member of the expert committee on the coronavirus pandemic, also answering the relevant question asked during a briefing at the Ministry of Health, explained that although the date of the fourth dose may not have been determined yet, however, discussions have already begun on the categories of persons to whom it will be recommended and which are the first in line. According to him, priority will be given to transplant recipients and people with chronic diseases and poor health, for example, cancer patients, weakened immunity and severe chronic diseases.

The head of Pfizer mentioned the possibility of a fourth dose of the vaccine to better protect against the Omicron mutation. Research has shown that this option can avoid the protection provided by antibodies after the initial vaccination.

Christmas on bunks in the ICU
Ms. Papaevangelu stressed, based on data from the Ministry of Health, that between 650 and 700 patients are expected in the intensive care unit during December. “The delay in taking the third dose in some regions has resulted in deaths in patients between the ages of 50 and 70,” she said.

According to the expert: “The average age of new cases is 37 years. Lassithi, Evrytania, West Attica show an increase in incidence. The virus is among us in all corners of the country. The health care system is under intense pressure. Three out of four patients requiring hospitalization are over 55 years old. By increasing vaccination coverage, continuous self-testing and behaviors based on our knowledge and logic, we will help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. ”

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