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Pre-Holiday Shopping: Stores open Sunday 12 December

Tomorrow, Sunday 12 December, as part of the holiday schedule, there will be open shops and supermarkets in Greece.

On this and next Sunday, December 19, the doors of the shops will open for those wishing to enjoy the pre-holiday atmosphere and shopping with pleasure.

The countdown to Christmas 2021 has begun. In particular, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, department stores and chain stores will be open on two Sundays in December, as well as on weekdays from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Holiday shop opening hours
The Retail Business Association (SELPE) announced that stores across the country will remain open during the holidays:

Sunday 12.12.2021 11.00-18.00 Monday 13.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Tuesday 14.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Wednesday 15.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Thursday 16.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Friday 17.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Saturday 18.12.2021 10.00-18.00 Sunday 19.12.2021 11.00-18.00 Monday 20.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Tuesday 21.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Wednesday 22.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Thursday 23.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Friday 24.12.2021 10.00-18.00 Saturday 25.12.2021 Day off Sunday 26.12.2021 Closed Monday 27.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Tuesday 28.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Wednesday 29.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Thursday 30.12.2021 10.00-21.00 Friday 31/21/2021 10.00-18.00 Saturday 01.01.2022 Closed Sunday 02.01.2022 CLOSED.

Stavros Kafunis, President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, addressed consumers: “We are waiting for you in complete safety in stores to experience the atmosphere of the coming Christmas together. In the trade market, full compliance with health protocols is ensured, fair prices are set, a variety of products in a wide range are exhibited. A good mood and friendly service are waiting for you. “

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