Japanese Scientists Invent Coronavirus Signaling Mask

A group of Japanese researchers from Kyoto Prefecture University has developed a protective mask that glows in the event of Covid-19. They hope to receive a government grant for further work.

Unusual effect, reports TASS, was achieved by treating the removable filter of the protective accessory with a special fluorescent dye. When microparticles of coronavirus appear on the mask, it glows under ultraviolet light.

The dye contains antibodies that react to coronavirus, obtained from ostrich eggs. A year ago, researchers injected ostrich females with an inactive and safe form of covid, having obtained a large number of antibodies from the eggs they laid. Yasuhiro Tsukamoto, team leader, says:

“We can mass produce antibodies from [яиц] ostriches at a low price. In the future, I want to turn this into a simple test suite that anyone can use. “

To test the glowing accessories, 32 volunteers with coronavirus were involved. All the masks they wore glowed. At the same time, with recovery and a decrease in viral load, the luminescence ceased. In the next trial, the research team plans to involve at least 150 participants.

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