Macron calls Johnson a clown and doing business with him is a circus

Against a heated background of discussions and harsh comments, French President Emmanuel Macron called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a clown and compared doing business with him to a circus, according to a French satirical weekly “Le Canard Enchaine”

Le Canard Enchaine * claims French President Macron used derogatory language to complain about Boris Johnson’s behavior following the tragic incident with immigrants in the English Channel. According to the publication, Macron said this during his visit to Croatia on November 24-25. The visit of the President of France began a few hours after 27 people fell victim to the crash boats with migrants in the waters of the Pas-de-Calais.

Macron complained about Johnson’s behavior after a telephone conversation during which the tragedy with the death of a group of migrants was discussed, calling it vulgar.

“Bojo talks to me at full power, everything is going well, we talk about things like adults, and then he makes us difficult before or after in some tasteless way. And it’s always the same circus, ”the magazine quotes Macron as saying.

Paris has invited UK officials to process migrant asylum applications on French soil. But London called it a “pull factor” that encourages migrants to come back to the English Channel, and refused.

On Saturday 27 November, following the publication of Johnson’s letter to Twitter, in which he called on Macron to accept his five-point plan to end the tragedies with migrants, the French leader withdrew an invitation to Italy from the British Home Secretary Priti Patel and spoke tauntly to Johnson.

“It is sad to see that a large country with which we could do a lot of business is run by a clown. Brexit is the starting point for Johnson’s circus, ”Macron said.

Former French ambassador to London Sylvie Bermann said relations between the countries “have never been so bad since Waterloo,” writes The Guardian.

* “Le Canard Enchaine” is a French satirical weekly known for its investigative journalism. So, during the 2017 presidential campaign, the publication wrote that the wife of ex-Prime Minister Francois Fillon had been paid for eight years as his fictitious parliamentary assistant. This led to court hearings in which Fillon was found guilty of embezzling public funds and sentenced to five years in prison, three of which he received a suspended sentence.

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