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Athens Celebrates Polytechnio Day

Today, November 17, is the day that Greece celebrates the 48th anniversary of the Polytechnio. The ND delegation was not allowed to enter the territory of the Polytechnio. The same happened with the youth group SYRIZA. The Greek Communist Party is marching towards the US Embassy.

This year’s celebration of the Polytechnic Institute’s anniversary kicked off with shouts and clashes. The incidents began when the New Democracy delegations, led by Haris Theocharis and Charalambos Atanassiou, were not allowed to enter the Polytechnio to lay a wreath.

A group of members of the extra-parliamentary left eventually forced members of the ruling party to leave the Polytechnic Institute, in response to which the representatives of the New Democracy threw a wreath right on the road.

The atmosphere of tension persisted later, when members of SYRIZA youth tried in concert to enter the Polytechnic Institute. There was an intense crowd and some outbursts of violence, but then when Nikos Phyllis entered the hall, everything seemed to calm down.

The metropolitan branch of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) marched to the US Embassy on Wednesday afternoon to commemorate the November 17, 1973 revolt of Athens Polytechnic students against the military junta and the role the United States played in establishing the black colonels’ dictatorship.

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