30% of unvaccinated police officers check citizens … for vaccinations

According to union spokesman Christos Tsitsikas, the total number of unvaccinated police officers in Achaia is particularly high.

According to his statement on the ERT channel, the number of unvaccinated police officers in the prefecture is 30% of the total. The percentage, which, by his own admission, is “very high.”

“There are colleagues who are not vaccinated and are called in for testing. This is a problem that ELAS has to solve from the inside, ”said Mr Tsitsikas, noting that colleagues in charge of supervising stores and inspecting citizens“ hopefully have been vaccinated against the coronavirus. ”

“There is not a single incident that worries us. I think they are vaccinated. 30% of unvaccinated police officers is a percentage that no one can ignore. Such a large figure suggests that they are either afraid or misinformed. This is a serious problem, ”the official admits.

Regarding compulsory vaccinations and compulsory diagnostic tests, the head of the Achaia police pointed out that these issues require serious discussion. “Doing two rapid tests a week is a significant cost,” he said, commenting on the reaction of unvaccinated police officers.

Among other things, Mr. Tsitsikas added: “We say yes to any restrictive measures that are necessary so that the unvaccinated are either convinced or have less access to many aspects of public life in order to protect public health.”

However, as he added, “the financial problem due to rapid tests is more complex and needs to be addressed.” Finally, commenting on the dismissal of unvaccinated police officers, Mr. Tsitsikas noted that “this will create a huge gap in the ranks of workers,” this should not be allowed.

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