You can go to school, you can’t go to the store

Deputy Minister of Digital Government Georgios Georgantas, speaking on the ANT1 channel, explained that the solution to the problem when schoolchildren are allowed to take classes with 2 tests per week, but are not allowed to enter the store with the same certificate from their parents, will be made immediately.

Children aged 4-11 must take two self-tests per week to go to school, and this is recorded on the student’s school card. There are two problems: firstly, many store owners did not accept the school card (!!!!!) and, secondly, the 24-hour supply provided for the reliability of self-test results creates a paradoxical situation: children have the opportunity to go to school with two tests a week, but they don’t have the opportunity to go to the store with their parents!

According to Mr. Georgantas, the issue of admitting schoolchildren to the store will be resolved immediately. However, it was not specified whether children should undergo additional self-examination tests (except for compulsory, school ones), and whether they will be provided by the state free of charge, given that there is no choice of vaccine for children aged 4 to 11 years.

“What is recorded in the school card (the results of the self-examination test) actually confirms that the child has passed the self-diagnosis test that he provided. Children must take two self-assessment tests to go to school, and for extra activities on weekends, they must take another one. Together with the competent ministries, we will find a way to develop a regulation that clearly states that they do not need to go through another self-examination. The entry on the school card indicates that the student has passed the self-test, and the store clerk must accept the proof in a similar form. In any case, in order to avoid misinterpretation, clarifications will be given to the new provision of the law in the near future, ”the deputy minister stressed.

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