"Night of St. Bartholomew" at the Attico emergency hospital

The doctors at the Αττικό νοσοκομείο clinic, which was on duty tonight, knocked off their feet, accepting an endless line of patients in need of medical care.

Reportedly, 82 hospital beds and corridors have already been filled. Long queues have formed in the waiting area with people awaiting examination. It is noted that the “influx of patients” appeared just a few hours after the beginning of the clinic’s night duty.

The video shows a nightmare situation in which patients and medical workers find themselves.

The hospitals are in “military” conditions, accepting thousands of patients. In Thessaloniki, there is a 90% occupancy rate in intensive care units. The situation in the country’s hospitals is turning into an endless nightmare, what is happening in the clinics, especially during the shift (at night), makes the doctors and nurses who are knocked down to despair.

Memories of previous waves of covid come to mind when observing the situation in Thessaloniki, where dozens of patients are admitted to hospitals every day. Until yesterday morning, 60 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 20 probable (not yet confirmed) were registered at Ippokratio. At the same time, more than 150 patients are being treated, including 8 children. The hospital’s 15 ICU beds are full and 4 intubated patients are being treated outside the ICU.

In AHEPA, 15 intensive care beds are full, while the number of intubated in general wards is 3. Papageorgiu has a total of 25 intensive care beds, and none of them is empty. At the Papanicolaou Clinic, 30 intensive care beds are full and the need for hospitalization is growing. The situation is similar in other hospitals in Northern Greece.

Michalis Giannakos, President of the All-Hellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers ΠΟΕΔΗΝ, notes that in such conditions of the “battle with the coronavirus” it is a pity that the 7000 health workers temporarily suspended from work are not called up to their jobs.

He adds that 400 health workers are currently fully vaccinated. At the same time, 800 hospital employees normally work with two rapid tests, since the competent committees exempted them from vaccination.

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