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When will the Christmas markets open, how much will the spruce cost this year?

The spruce producers, Taxiarchis forestry, are already preparing for Christmas. Experts told when the sale of Christmas trees will begin this year, as well as how much they will cost.

As the president of the local community Yannis Hakis noted in an interview with APE-MPE, a noble 8-meter spruce of 20 years old will be placed in the center of the square. It is the number one symbol of the festive period of Christmas.

“The beauty will be decorated with over 1000 lanterns. It will be the first Christmas tree lit in Greece and will mark the beginning of the festive Christmas season in our country, ”said Mr. Khakis.

The lighting of the eight-meter spruce will take place within the framework of the event, which will be held for the third time this year, on the eve of the holiday of the patron saint of the village, Archangel Michael, on Sunday 7/11 at 19:30.

The event was attended, in particular, by the Governor of Central Macedonia Apostolos Tsitsikostas, the mayor of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas and the mayor of Polygyros Asteris Zografos.

“Every year young and old from the Halkidiki region, as well as from Thessaloniki and other cities, visit the Taxiarchis“ Christmas village ”of Greece and participate in our big celebration. Everyone places their decoration on a spruce tree, which towers over the central square of the village, ”said Mr. Khakis, urging the Greeks to do the same this year.

Christmas tree prices are stable
On November 27, at their “posts” in Thessaloniki, Athens and Volos, Christmas tree bazaars will open. Staying true to their traditions, this year spruce growers will bring thousands of Christmas trees to the Greek market.

Suppliers of 75% of Christmas trees to the Greek market, holding the record for several decades, more than 1000 residents of the mountain village of Halkidiki, aged 20 to 75, have already rolled up their sleeves.

“May our sales exceed 28,000 fir trees this year, up from 25,000 last year, when we hit a ten-year record, and 22,000 the year before,” the producer said.

“Prices for spruce will remain stable this year,” which, as Mr. Khakis noted, will fluctuate at the level of the last 10 years: in Thessaloniki, the price of a Christmas tree will fluctuate from 30–100 euros to 40–150 euros in depending on the height of the tree.

Mr. Khakis noted that for the sixth year this year, Taxiarchis growers will export their spruce to Cyprus, where they are expected to be shipped very soon.

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