OAED’s Key Role in a Comprehensive “Agenda for Many” Greece 2.0

The Greek Ministry of Labor and Social Policy has developed a new program to make the most of the 2.6 billion euros allocated by the Recovery and Sustainable Development Fund.

Most of this amount will be used by OAED – 2.1 billion euros, or more than 80% of the volume of actions of the ministry under the national plan “Greece 2.0”. According to the organization:

“The combination of necessary reforms and significant investment in active employment policies will make a key contribution to efforts to rebuild the country and fight unemployment. As part of efforts to support the workforce, learning will play an important role as a “weapon of tomorrow’s economy” to create equal opportunities for all in the labor market, where digital and environmental skills will be a key “tool” for inclusion in jobs, reintegration and development, and also to increase productivity. “

The organization plans to spend more than € 1 billion on training 150 thousand citizens by the end of 2022, and by the end of 2025, 500 thousand citizens in key digital skills and in-demand specialties with the ambitious goal of meeting the new needs of the labor market.

Recognizing that there have been mistakes in this direction in the past, and wishing not to repeat them in the future, an extensive reform of the institutional framework is envisaged. Its main directions are certification, assessment, quality control, transparency of results. They will help improve the services provided, modernize the system for raising the qualifications of the population. The new strategy provides for:

systematic continuous evaluation of suppliers; certified skill acquisition; the relationship of training with the needs of the labor market; cooperation with high-level suppliers; performance-based payment system.

To improve planning and coordination, the reform envisages the creation of a national skills council and a national skills development strategy for an integrated approach, with goals and in stages.

The new policy for the Greek unemployed is 540 million euros for activity in the field of employment, the creation of at least 74 thousand new jobs. The priority is the groups that face the greatest problems of integration and reintegration into the labor market. In practice, the actions of the OAED are as follows:

15 thousand 6-month jobs with 3-month intensive training in sectors with high demand (for example, in the digital economy). The budget is 92 million euros. 12 thousand vacancies for young people 18-30 years old, to gain professional experience. The budget is 68 million euros. 10 thousand offers for 1-2 years for vulnerable groups – 55+ long-term unemployed, disabled people, mothers without work. The budget is 111 million euros. 10 thousand jobs for 18 months for long-term unemployed, living in areas with high unemployment, over 45 years old. The budget is 120 million euros. 5 thousand vacancies for 15 months in the development of a green economy, women are a priority. The budget is 50 million euros.

All actions will be based on the reform of active policy programming. It will be aimed at accelerating the recruitment process, simplifying it, actively using it, closely linking with the changing needs of the real economy.

It is also planned to implement a pilot project worth 104 million euros to ensure effective support for the unemployed. The main focus is on the long-term unemployed.

OAED is investing an additional € 274 million in equipment, construction of new and renovation of existing infrastructure, in innovative vocational education programs, in training in modernized organizational structures

To effectively implement all of the above, OAED will be modernized, 101 million euros is planned to be allocated for training and updating its human resources, construction and digital infrastructure. Spyros Protopsaltis, head of OAED, speaks to APE-MPE:

Greece 2.0 National Recovery and Sustainable Development Plan is a historic opportunity for the country to make major investments and reforms that will bring multiple benefits to the economy and society. OAED plays a key role in using the fund’s resources, with a plan and action to foster social cohesion and employment, support and strengthen the workforce, improve skills and create new jobs. In this context, it is necessary to modernize the organization in order to achieve the goals quickly, flexibly and efficiently. “

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