The third dose of vaccine – a study by Israeli scientists

The results of the largest study by Israeli scientists conclusively prove that the third dose of Pfizer significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization for those infected with the coronavirus – by 92-93% compared to those who received two doses.

In the course of the study, the results of which were published in a scientific journal The lancet, the data of 728 321 people were analyzed, the average age of the participants was 52 years. They all received their third dose of Pfizer vaccine since September this year. The data were compared with an equal number of participants who received two vaccinations at least 5 months before the study.

Scientists at the Clalit Research Institute of Israel and the American Harvard University found that after 7 days or more, those who took the third dose of the vaccine had a 93% risk of hospitalization, a severe form of the disease by 92%, and an 81% lower risk of death compared to those who had 2 doses. At the same time, the effectiveness of the third vaccination was not influenced by age, gender, or concomitant diseases. Clalit Institute Director Professor Ran Balitzer says:

“These results convincingly show that the third dose of the vaccine is very effective against severe Covid-19 in different age groups and subpopulations a week after it. This rigorous epidemiological study provides reliable information on the effectiveness of the third dose of the vaccine, which we hope will help those who are still undecided about its need. ”

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