Coronavirus: almost 100% hospital occupancy

The pandemic is relentlessly mowing down the population of northern Greece. Serres alone counts 65 dead since September 1, and most of them refused not only vaccinations, but also treatment.

Over the past 5 months, the numbers are relentless. In the past 24 hours, 31 people have died from the virus, 942 in October alone. And 15 770 since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the publication

“It seems that it is no longer surprising that 30-60 Greeks die every day from the coronavirus,” said Theodoros Vasilakopoulos, professor of pulmonology. Serres alone counts 65 dead since September 1, and most of them have refused not only vaccinations, but also treatment.

“Most of those hospitalized were not vaccinated. And here the importance (effectiveness) of the vaccine is obvious, ”the expert said. But there are also unvaccinated people who understand that coronavirus is not a joke, only when they find themselves in the intensive care unit.

“Those who are not vaccinated, seriously ill and in danger are pleading with doctors to save them,” said Vasilis Diamantopoulos, president of the Imathia Medical Association.

Almost half of yesterday’s deaths were reported in hospitals in Macedonia and Thrace, where vaccination coverage is below 50%.

Worst week of the pandemic
The largest number of cases since the start of the pandemic was in the past 7 days, when epidemiologists and authorities asked for action before it was too late.

“Without the introduction of appropriate tough measures, it is impossible to stop the virus,” says Nikos Karavelos, director of the Papanikolaou intensive care unit. “We are in” combat conditions “in hospitals, fighting the virus, reclaiming every life. And it should be noted that we are fighting without weapons, ”says researcher Dr. Georgy Pavlakis.

Five private clinics in Thessaloniki, Volos and Larissa are also “fighting” as hospital beds in northern Greece reach 100%.

“Eight out of 8 beds are occupied. How people still do not understand that they should be vaccinated! Vaccination should not be confused with religion. Drop your prejudices! Save yourself and your loved ones! ”Says Pavlos Malindretos, a member of the Association of Doctors of Hospitals in Magnesia.

Childbirth in Chalkida, Lamia and even in Ioannina is provided by Larissa’s EKAB, since the two city hospitals cannot accept other patients, except for patients with covid.

Yannis Gulas, President of EKAB Thessaly staff, told LIVE NEWS about the shocking situation: “The hospital beds are full. And you have to take the sick even to Athens, where there is free space. We fought, served children, 18- and 25-year-olds who were in very poor condition. ” As he explains to LIVE NEWS, they are mainly approached by patients who have been seriously ill for several days at home, but did not agree to be transported to the hospital.

Within a week, nearly 6,000 children between the ages of 4 and 18 were diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Deaths and cases of COVID19 in the last 5 months:

May 15: 1957 cases – 43 deaths. May 16: 1,262 cases – 50 deaths. October 24: 2098 cases – 30 deaths. October 25: 3,937 deaths – 54 deaths.

In the past ten days, 20 deaths have been reported at Papanikolaou Hospital. All patients were unvaccinated.

At Serres hospital from September 1 to date, 65 people have died, of whom 61 were unvaccinated, and 10% of those whose vaccine did not develop immunity.

Most of the people were elderly, and one was 64 years old. At the moment, in Serres hospital, according to the director of the medical institution Dimitris Balaxis, 40 people are being treated in the hospital and 9 are intubated.

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