July 14, 2024

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Russia: coronavirus has increased the cost of coffins and crosses on graves

Prices for ritual attributes have increased in Russia due to increased demand. The German edition Handelsblatt notes:

“While the pandemic is gradually losing its horror in many European countries, the situation in Russia is getting more and more out of control.”

Ilya Boltunov, head of the Cranes ritual service, says:

“How serious the crisis has become is shown, for example, by the rise in prices for coffins and grave crosses: the cost of the coffin jumped by 30-60%. monopolistically and through corruption is associated with government officials. “

Handelsblatt adds:

“In their opinion, the real reason for the soaring prices was the huge demand for coffins due to high excess mortality: tens of thousands of deaths from coronavirus were not officially registered as“ deaths from Covid-19. ”Their death certificates indicate accompanying complications, for example In 2020 alone, only 57.6 thousand deaths from coronavirus were registered in Russia, which corresponds to 0.04% of the population. However, the total number of deaths in Russia in 2020 was so much higher than the data of previous years that, according to experts, the excess mortality from coronavirus was 264 thousand people. “

Over the past 5 weeks, the proportion of coronavirus cases that are registered in capital cities has increased, said the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova: “Over the past week, 222,241 cases of the disease were registered. This is 15.5% higher than in the 40th week. For 5 weeks we have noted an upward trend against the background of seasonal incidence of ARVI and influenza. The proportion of cases that are registered in the capital cities, and mainly in Moscow, is increasing – from 8% at the 35th week to 19% last week. ” …

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