May 18, 2024

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Ioannina: the patient severely beat the doctor

The unprecedented incident occurred on Sunday evening (17 September) in the emergency department of the Ioannina University Hospital, when a doctor was severely beaten while receiving and treating a patient.

According to local website, a man arrived at the hospital in the evening, demanding medication and threatening to commit suicide. The hospital doctor tried to examine the brawler and give him a sedative, but the reaction was unexpected.

The patient turned against the medic, hit him, and then ran to the hospital room. The insane man, armed with a fire extinguisher, began to destroy everything, smashed the windows. After which his anger fell on the doctor again, who followed him. The “fictitious patient” inflicted numerous punches and kicks on the doctor.

When a police squad arrived at the hospital, the offender managed to escape. The hospital’s management filed a lawsuit with law enforcement agencies.

A search is underway for an inadequate patient, apparently, “for the whole head.”

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