"No!" told the queen about alcohol

When you are a queen, you do not report to anyone – except, of course, your team, the court physicians.

Queen Elizabeth II’s doctors advised her to quit drinking ahead of her platinum anniversary on February 6, 2022 – an event marking her 70th birthday as Queen of the United Kingdom, according to Vanity Fair. “The alcohol is over,” the source said. “Her doctors want to make sure she is as healthy as possible.”

While Elizabeth was not known as a “drunkard,” at least in public, it has long been known that she loved alcoholic beverages, although reports on the extent of her drinking vary – including an alleged misrepresentation in 2017 that she drank four cocktails every day.

For its part, Vanity Fair writes that, until the recent medical ban on strong alcohol, the queen usually drank a glass of sweet wine at dinner, and then often a dry martini in the evenings, and also sometimes a glass of wine before bed. It was also regularly reported that the Queen is a fan of Dubonnet and Gin.

“The Queen was advised to give up her evening drinking, which is usually a martini,” a family friend told the magazine. “It doesn’t really matter to her, she’s not a big fan of alcohol, but it seems unfair that at this stage in her life she is forced to give up one of the few pleasures.”

But, as you know, alcohol is still a part of royal life: two different types of gin are abundantly produced in her own residences.

Buckingham Palace and Sandringham House each have their own official wine cellar. Having abandoned spirits, the queen switched to sparkling wines and beer.

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