The Internet edition “Russian Athens” continues to publish culinary recipes from Irina Fedotova. It’s hard to resist the temptation to cook this yummy!

I just love potato pancakes. I am originally from Belarus and grew up on delicious potato pancakes with a ruddy crust. My mother cooked them very tasty. Probably, everything that our mothers prepare for us is the most delicious in the world, because it is always prepared with love. Mom recently passed away and now I have no one to cook potato pancakes, but I will always remember exactly her crunchy delicious pancakes with fresh thick sour cream.


– 5-6 potatoes (700-800 gr.) – 1 head of onion – black pepper – 1 | 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt – 3-4 tbsp. flour – 1 egg – vegetable oil for frying – sour cream


We peel the potatoes and grind them on a fine grater. Drain the juice.

Rub onions into a mass (you can also chop in a blender so as not to cry).

Add black pepper, salt, flour and egg. Mix everything thoroughly.

Heat the vegetable oil well in a frying pan and put the potato mass in the form of pancakes, about one tablespoon each.

Fry on both sides until a beautiful golden color. If your potato pancakes turn out to be plump, you can then stew them a little by adding butter for smell, or even better, a little ghee.

Well, do not forget about sour cream and of course we eat potato pancakes hot !!

Bon Appetit!

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