The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that Poklonskaya from Ukrainian justice "will not hide in Africa"

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed the ex-State Duma deputy Russian ambassador to Cape Verde. She herself assessed her appointment as follows: “For me this appointment is long-awaited, as well as a great honor and responsibility before the country.”

She noted that she wants to work on the diplomatic line and for the sake of this she studied at the diplomatic academy, and she does not understand the assessments of this appointment, as links.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced its intention to arrest the former Ukrainian prosecutor – the department claims that it has already turned to the authorities of the island state about Poklonskaya. Former Deputy Prosecutor General Mammadov believes that Ukraine can begin to prepare documents for her extradition. According to the spokesman of the ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, the ministry has already raised “this issue” with the government of Cape Verde.

“The former prosecutor is wanted for treason against our state. It is under the sanctions of Ukraine, EU, USA, Canada and Japan. You won’t be able to hide even in Africa, ”he said.

“Good news for the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, and not very good news for Cape Verde. Now you can prepare extradition documents for the appointed lady” ambassador “of the Russian Federation. One proceeding is already in court, the second is being investigated. a great opportunity to directly participate in the process, “Mammadov wrote.

Good is new for @minjust_gov_ua i @Crimea_Prok and not even worse for Cape Verde. Now you can get documents for the extradition for the designated “ambassador”

– Gyunduz Mamedov (@MamedovGyunduz) October 13, 2021

Poklonskaya appeared in the political horizon during the so-called. “Crimean Spring”. However, in the future, her sometimes extravagant behavior and lack of flexibility prevented her from political activities. Her current appointment was regarded by many as a break from big politics, as well as an opportunity to learn the art of diplomacy.

Such reasoning stems from ignorance of the continent and misunderstanding of a long-established fact: Africa is the strategic direction of Russia’s foreign policy.

Part of the Russian elite continues to build an alternate airfield for themselves in European countries. However, another part of it (conditional “soil men” and “siloviki”) prefer to choose less obvious directions. We are talking about the developed countries of Africa, where the peace and well-being of the top players of the Russian league is not threatened by any sanctions – the “Magnitsky laws”, “Pandora’s archives”, etc.

According to rumors, in recent years, the Cape Verde Islands have attracted the attention of the Russian bourgeoisie, which is actively buying real estate and investing in the country. Among the interested parties the name of Igor Sechin sounds. In this context, the appointment of Poklonskaya should be viewed as a gesture of special trust and involvement in Russian foreign policy trends and in the interests of the Russian elite.

PS The Russian Foreign Ministry, after Ukraine’s threats against the ambassador-appointed Poklonskaya, recalled that she has diplomatic immunity, which means that her abduction (or attempt) could lead to serious consequences. It’s not for you guys to kidnap a judge from Moldova …

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