Shock: a man with a bloody ax frightened people walking in the park

The Keratsini police authorities are conducting extensive search work to find and arrest the man who panicked parents with children walking in the park yesterday afternoon.

An inadequate man suddenly emerged from the bushes, brandishing a blood-soaked ax. According to ANT1, it all happened in Selepitsari Park in Keratsini, when parents and children, who were playing carelessly, suddenly saw a man running in a rage with an ax in his hand.

The perpetrator is said to have been chasing his brother and most likely managed to hit him as the ax was bloody. It is assumed that a verbal skirmish took place between the relatives, which ended in a chase with an ax.

A witness, a mother who at that moment was in the park with her two children, told ANT1 journalists about her experience: “We were told that a man was injured. We ran to pick up the children as soon as possible so that they would not see a terrible picture. “

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