The most mysterious terrorist attack is half a century old

Fifty years ago, a plane crash occurred in the Soviet Union, the grounds for which have not yet been established. The perpetrators of the terrorist act are also unknown.

An airplane crashed in the Moscow region, on board of which an explosive device was used. The Tu-104B airliner flew to Simferopol from the Moscow Vnukovo airport, there were 18 passengers and 7 crew members on board – at this time passengers usually fly in the opposite direction, returning after a vacation in Crimea. Everyone died, writes Gazeta.Ru.

It all happened on October 10, 1971, Sunday evening. The plane of the Boryspil squadron of the Ukrainian Directorate was making a return flight from the Russian capital. At 19:02 the plane landed at Vnukovo and already at 20:16 flew back to Crimea. At 20:16:31, Konstantin Klyushnik, the commander of the airliner, reported to the dispatcher that he was following in the direction of the village of Chornaya Gryaz, located 50 km from Vnukovo.

The dispatcher gave the command to climb to 1500 m and at 20:16:44 asked to report on the passage of an altitude of 1200 m. But the plane did not answer, it crashed almost immediately after takeoff, about 10 km from the airfield, and collapsed. Experts who investigated the crash found signs of burning on parts of the airliner that had separated during the crash; particles of TNT were present on many of the fragments.

Thus, it was established that a bomb exploded on board, which caused the plane to crash. At first there was an assumption that it was located in the luggage compartment, but then the experts established that the explosive device was in the passenger compartment, between the seat and the wall. Its weight was 0.4-0.8 kg of TNT.

The explosion occurred a few seconds after takeoff, destroying the left side of the fuselage and the wing bearing elements, interrupting the elevator thrust. That is, the plane flew less than three kilometers and crashed into the ground at a speed of 550-600 km / h. It happened 10 km from Vnukovo airport, near the village of Baranovo.

The investigation continued for two years, but the terrorists were not found and the case was closed. It was not possible to find the culprit of the plane crash and to find out the motives of the incident. No group claimed responsibility for the attack. The mystery of the plane crash and the death of 25 people remained unsolved …

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