"Alpine" beauty of Kalavrita

The authorities of the Kalavrita municipality intend to use every corner of the mountainous area, positioning it as a landmark of the region. This, according to experts, will help improve the development of alternative tourism with additional benefits for the local economy.

The authorities plan to develop a large pedestrian route, which is not considered official today, few people know it or have walked along it.

The road with “Alpine” beauties is located within the administrative boundaries of the Klitorias, Planiteru and Sudenon districts (όρια των Κοινοτήτων Κλειτορίας, Πλανητέρου και Σουδενών).

According to the local newspaper Peloponnisos, the promotion of Melapoda (Μελάποδα), a point named after the great ancient Greek healer named Μελάμπους, is under development. The walking route is considered difficult, but it is estimated that it will be equipped and that anyone can walk on it.

The study of the tourist destination was carried out by the Klitoria Greek Mountaineering Association, resulting in comparisons with similar mountain routes that exist only in Switzerland. The main feature of the Greek pedestrian path will be its “refinement” and convenience for travelers. The innovation will delight the regulars of walks in the mountainous terrain. At the first stage, it is planned to build air bridges.

Kalavrita, tourism

Kalavryta is a small town three hours from Athens, nestled between the steep cliffs of the Northern Peloponnese. Surprisingly, in this peaceful land surrounded by lush green forests, Greece’s fierce struggle for independence from Turkey began. Today, the 1,500th Kalavryta is not just a cozy old town full of history of bygone days, but also a major tourist center: a popular ski resort and several unique attractions are located in its vicinity. Needless to say, even if the road to the city passes through the most beautiful places: with serpentines, gorges, mountain rivers.

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