The Faroe Islands’ mistake cost 53 whales their lives

The inhabitants of the Faroe Islands killed 53 whales. They had to be counted and special sensors placed on them, but … there was not enough personnel to carry out this work.

They decided to simply destroy the whales instead of installing tracking devices. True, at first it was assumed that there were no more than fifteen individuals in the whale pack, but then it turned out that there were 53 of them. All of them were destroyed.

Something similar happened on the same Faroe Islands on September 12. It was the largest hunt in history – one and a half thousand dolphins became victims. And again the notorious mistake: the hunters, driving the flock into the fjord, counted on 200 dolphins. There were almost 10 times more of them. The death of these cute creatures turned out to be useless – such an amount of meat plunged the locals into shock, and they simply do not know what to do with it.

Previously our edition toldthat cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) swimming in European seas face a much greater threat than in all other parts of the planet. At the same time, Europe has one of the most advanced and integrated systems for their protection.

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