Brothels: only 20% of women workers are vaccinated, it is impossible to comply with the measures

Due to the fact that brothels have returned to work since June, and, according to the competent services, the sector of these services has been significantly affected during the quarantine, the president of Σωματείου Εκδιδόμενων Προσώπων Ελλάδας (Σ.Ε.Π.Ε. »Implementation of measures announced by the government for work in closed (internal) premises.

“In practice, the measures cannot be implemented, especially now that a rapid test is required,” she said. “What else can we do to provide protection against covid? We open the windows as suggested; limited the time for providing services, which does not exceed 15 minutes for each client; during intercourse, positions are used that provide distancing (rather than face-to-face). It is difficult to ask a client to show a vaccination certificate with an identity card, many do not intend to “shine”, ”she says.

Ultimately, it is of great concern that vaccination rates among women working in this sector are extremely low, as only 20% of them have been vaccinated.

Given that unvaccinated prostitutes now have to pay for express tests themselves, Ms. Kanellopulu notes that the “profession” suffered greatly during the quarantine, making it difficult for most of the “workers” to cover the costs of preventive checks. The closure of brothels has led to a sharp increase in the number of prostitutes on the street, which in general threatens the spread of not only covid, but also other sexually transmitted diseases, since the necessary sanitary measures are rarely observed during “illegal contact”.

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