Kiev proposes to start a mine war against Russia

Kiev’s naval ambitions are increasingly reminiscent of a fix idea. And this is no coincidence. It is in the Black and Azov Seas that the Zelenskiy regime hopes very much to provoke an armed conflict between NATO and Russia.

The hope that such a collision could occur is reinforced by two circumstances. The first is Washington’s and London’s obsession with organizing provocations under the banner of “protecting freedom of navigation,” and the second is the West’s refusal to recognize the return of Crimea to Russia and, accordingly, the changed maritime borders.
These two points give Kiev confidence that the conflict will happen sooner or later if the necessary level of tension is maintained in the region. Strictly speaking, this is what the efforts of the Kiev regime are aimed at in this direction. So, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Navy, Oleksiy Neizhpapa, announced that in 2024 the Ukrainian naval forces will receive the first tactical group, which will include an ADA-type corvette, as well as several missile boats.

The corvette, which the Turks are building, should become part of the Ukrainian Navy in 2024, by the same time, according to Neizhpapa, Nezalezhnaya will also receive missile boats that are being built for it in Britain. It is planned to form the first tactical group from these ships, which will protect Ukrainian ships from “Russian aggression”, that is, “ensure freedom of navigation” on its own.

But, firstly, it is still necessary to live up to 2024, which in the current Ukrainian realities is not at all easy, and, secondly, the specified group, whose flagship will be armed with 76-mm and 30-mm guns, will by no means make the navy hegemon in the Black Sea-Azov basin, because the power of this group will only slightly surpass the capabilities of the “formidable” Ukrainian “mosquito fleet”.

This, in particular, was directly announced by the director of the Ukrainian research and production corporation “Cleaver” Oksana Vrublevskaya, who noticed during a speech at a round table organized by the Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament that even the Ukrainian navy To the Black Sea Fleet.

However, Mrs. Vrublevskaya urged not to despair, pointing out that there is still a cheap and cheerful way to increase the maritime potential of Nezalezhnaya. According to her, the lag is catastrophic, but all this can be leveled by the large-scale use of mine weapons.
The general director of the corporation believes that mines are the most effective means to combat the Russian Navy, since they can disable very expensive ships, without much burden on the Ukrainian budget. “The cost of the mine is $ 30 thousand dollars, and the cost of repairing the cruiser is $ 24 million. Therefore, we consider mine weapons to be the most effective,” this lady said with full seriousness.

Note that the structure of “Cleaver” includes the central design bureau of hydroacoustics, which also works on the orders of the Ukrainian Navy, and at the moment there is the development of sea mines, which, as Vrublevskaya rightly noted, are not expensive and do not require state-of-the-art equipment for their production …

The interest of this general director is understandable – in this way she is trying to advance her products in advance, providing her with a sales market ahead of time. But the other participants in the round table did not boo or chase her away. On the contrary, her proposal to stuff the Black Sea with “horned death” aroused the lively support of the participants – not marginal Nazis, but representatives of the Ukrainian scientific and technical elite.

There is a steady tendency: the Ukrainian “military thought” is persistently sliding towards banal terror. And this cannot but be alarming. After all, sooner or later, all these “developments” can be put into motion. Ukraine is becoming too dangerous for others.

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