Welt named Greece the toughest country in relation to vaccinations

The website of the German newspaper Welt published a publication about Greece, describing the country as the toughest against the unvaccinated. The reason, however, is obvious: “The country cannot afford another Lockdown.”

The report notes that “for a long time no one expected consistent decisions from Greece,” but nevertheless:

“In addition to the health sector, compulsory vaccinations also apply to the army. Since mid-September, strict requirements have been introduced for unvaccinated people – they will have to pay for coronavirus tests out of their own pockets. Employers can request up to two tests per week from unvaccinated workers. ”

However, Velta gives quite obvious reasons for such a policy:

“Athens is so strong against the unvaccinated for economic reasons. The country can no longer stand another isolation. The government has already ruled out such a measure. At the same time, Greece is in the middle of the fourth wave (…) ”.

Elsewhere in the Welt report, Deutsche Welle says:

“The government is convinced of its strategy and the first evidence seems to be correct. Until recently, the number of those who refused the vaccine was about 20% of the medical staff. However, under pressure from the new measures, many were reportedly vaccinated shortly before the deadline. According to the latest estimates, 10% of healthcare workers are not vaccinated. “

The report concludes with an alternative point of view:

“Extension of compulsory vaccination to other groups in the public sector is being discussed. Health officials such as the injured Elizabeth Paliura find these measures incomprehensible, while protests against the policy have been repeated. “Even the patients who come to us are not vaccinated. Why are we unemployed now? Do they punish us for giving something back to society?”

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