Half of those who have had coronavirus after 12 months have at least one complication

Every second person who has been diagnosed with Covid-19 has at least one complication in a year.

Coronavirus research does not stop for a day. The last of them proved that the covid does not pass without a trace. Even a year after infection, scientists from China say, those who have recovered complain of characteristic consequences. The results of their research are published in the respected medical journal “The Lancet”.

In the course of the study, Chinese scientists studied data from 1200 people who had recovered from coronavirus in January-May 2020. To identify possible complications, they were examined 2 times – 6 and 12 months after the illness. It turned out that long-term post-coronavirus symptoms were observed in 68% of those who recovered 6 months after recovery and in 49% – after a year. At the same time, the frequency of manifestation of some symptoms after 12 months increased – depression, shortness of breath, shortness of breath.

A year after Covid-19, every third complained of shortness of breath, and 26% of those who recovered had depression or anxiety. However, the number of those who complained of excessive weakness after illness dropped to 52% after 6 months, and to 20% a year later.

The researchers noted that most of those who have had coronavirus have forgotten about it as a nightmare: they were able to successfully recover in a year and now live a normal life.

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