More than a thousand Afghans will come to Russia

Approximately 1,000 Afghan citizens have already received permission to enter Russia, thanks to an appeal to the authorities of the Afghan diaspora.

Ghulam Mohammad Jalal, President of the Center for Diasporas of Afghanistan in the Russian Federation, told RIA Newsthat thousands of Afghan citizens expressed a desire to come to Russia, but only people of certain categories received permission:

“We have an answer for some categories (citizens of Afghanistan) (from the authorities of the Russian Federation). We divided these people into several categories: first, people of Afghan origin who have Russian citizenship. Second, students who studied in Russia, but stayed now in Afghanistan. The third – those who worked in commercial structures and have a work permit in Russia and the corresponding visa. Fourth – persons who have a residence permit. “

The president of the organization clarified that people belonging to one of these four categories applied to the Russian embassy located in Afghanistan. There are not so many of them – about a thousand people:

“They received approval, now they are on the line. At the first technical opportunity, when the airport is opened, they will fly to Russia.”

However, it is important, Jalal noted, to prevent terrorists from entering the territory of the Russian Federation, who may try to do so under the guise of civilians. Therefore, now there is an agreement on some other categories of Afghans:

“The question remains open about other categories of people who want to come to Russia – they studied here or there are family members. We hope this issue will be resolved on them too. The most numerous category is people who have studied earlier in Russia, specialists who would like to return in Russia, family members living in Russia. The question is still open. It is important that terrorists do not come here under the guise of these people, God forbid. We are afraid of this too. Asia. But who knows who will be among these refugees, the main thing is that there are no unwanted persons among them. “

Earlier our publication reported that the group Russian aircraft plans to take from Kabul at least 500 people: citizens of the countries of the organization of the Collective Security Treaty – Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan – and Ukraine.

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