"Remains" royal estate in Tatoi: everything went to dust

A mournful picture is presented by the royal estate in Tatoi. The trunks of giant trees, under the shade of which the secular people of that time rested, are still smoking.

The ash covered everything, and even through the double face shield, a strong burning smell penetrates. “Paradise” turned into “hell”: most of the area of ​​the estate and around it, almost 17 thousand hectares, were destroyed by fire.

The environmental damage from the fire is enormous. The “green lungs” that saturated the Attica region with oxygen, a unique place for recreation and sports in nature, have been lost, and they will have to be restored for many years to come.

Several buildings in the historic center of the former royal estate were severely damaged, as well as some historical objects stored in a container at the construction site. Damage recorded by specialists: at least five buildings were “engulfed” in fire (κο κτίριο του Προσωπικού, το Διευθυντήριο, το κτίριο των Τηλεπικοινωνιών, τηαν Σοιτοηο

Representatives of the Association of Friends of the Tatoi Estate (Συλλόγου των Φίλων του Κτήματος Τατοϊου) express concerns about the state of other buildings scattered around the estate.

The development and reconstruction of the estate were on the government’s agenda. “Project Tatoi” was a national goal and included the development of two sites: the forest and the central core of the estate with palaces, auxiliary buildings, as well as the territory of agricultural and livestock production.

The fire is forcing the government to adopt a different strategy to rehabilitate Tatoya, where reforestation will be an undeniable priority.

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