Viral post about Romanian firefighters: “We look at them in awe”

Over the past few hours, a post about the actions of Romanian firefighters who arrived in Greece to help put out a large fire that is burning in Evia has gone viral.

The author of the publication witnessed how a fire brigade from Romania arrived in Greece on Saturday afternoon. Just think, the reader will tell me, some kind of Romania … Here are the Germans – yes, this is wow! Nevertheless, as real practice has shown, Romanian firefighters have surpassed their colleagues both from Greece and from Germany and other countries.

The post titled “We Look With Awe at Romanian Firefighters” describes the organization, means, and how Romanian firefighters work and how they help our country in these difficult times.

Post in detail:
“We look at the Romanian firefighters with awe.
Romanian firefighters arrived in Evia with their vehicles and tractors. They set up an independent headquarters (built it overnight) with power and logistics, launched drones, mapped streams and forest roads, calculated wind and fire scenarios. They wear uniforms with intercom and our police have direct contact with them. They have deployed 60-meter hoses and take water from streams and local water tanks. They are covered with special protection wherever fire hoses cross the road so that they are not damaged by the wheels of cars and the tracks of bulldozers. They are raising the drones again and directing the locals and our firefighters to use the most convenient bulldozer passages. They build bridges, are organized and disciplined like ants.

They ask why we didn’t put out the fire with fire? This is an international practice, and in the world something new is constantly appearing in this matter. Because it goes beyond the forestry service, it is prohibited and no one is allowed to do it.

We say respect to the Romanians. And they still dare to say that this is an underdeveloped country … “.

Κοιτάμε με Δέος Τους Ρουμάνους Πυροσβέστες Ήρθαν Ρουμάνοι πυροσβέστες στην Εύβοια, με τα μηχανήμ τατα …

Posted by Vali Bouligaraki on Sunday, August 8, 2021

As we reported earlier, under the European Civil Protection Mechanism, Romania has sent 112 firefighters and 23 fire engines to Greece, the most powerful force to arrive from a European country.

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