February 29, 2024

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Exhibitionist caught red-handed

An exhibitionist who terrified women in Egaleo and Haidari was taken red-handed. The 18-year-old boy was taken to the prosecutor’s office.

The inadequate citizen who allegedly attacked four women in Egaleo and Haidari is sent to court for an immediate trial because he was “caught red-handed,” that is, at the scene of the crime.

The young man was taken to the prosecutor, who brought him to justice for constant and serial abuse of sexual dignity, as well as for threats.

Authorities began looking for an amateur to “demonstrate their manhood” in public after one of the women complained to the police that a young man approached her with naked genitals and “insulted her sexual dignity.”

The preliminary investigation identified the identity of the citizen, since 3 statements had already been made against him in the police (three other cases of insulting the sexual dignity of women).

However, as it became known, the trial of the exhibitionist was postponed due to extraordinary measures taken in the courts in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

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