Daphne: the killer was nearly lynched by the victim’s parents

This morning, during the extradition of the accused to the court, the relatives of a 31-year-old young woman killed by her own husband attacked the offender, intending to deal with him.

The prosecutor’s office brought to justice a 39-year-old man of Albanian origin for manslaughter (in a state of passion) and for the use of knives. Today, 3/08, after the testimony of the accused, the investigator and the prosecutor will decide whether the arrested person will be remanded in custody.

According to the authorities, the man who, according to the forensic medical examination, fatally wounded his wife with a knife 28 cm long, stabbed her twice in the neck, leaving his wife asleep in bed. The Albanian told the police that he committed the murder out of overwhelming jealousy.

According to information from law enforcement agencies, the accused described the horrific details of the murder of his wife, with whom they have an 11-year-old child. He allegedly told the police that he had put a wiretap on his cell phone and found out that his wife was talking to another man. Last Friday morning, after their son went to play ball, he returned to the family apartment located in the Daphne area.

“For 10 minutes I was in a daze … I was shocked by what I heard (flirting on the phone) … I went to the kitchen, took a knife from a drawer, then entered her room, she was sleeping on her back. I lunged straight at her, holding the blade of my knife to her neck. The wife woke up and started screaming: “I am dying.” I covered her mouth with my left hand and then with both hands. After about a minute, she stopped struggling and screaming. I got out of bed (where the fight took place) and went to the bathroom because I was covered in blood. I was wearing a striped short-sleeved blouse and I took it off and threw it into the laundry basket. Then he washed his hands and face in the sink, put on the clothes that I now wear, and left the house, ”he told the police, describing his actions on that fateful day.

The killer said that after the act he committed, he went to his sister’s house with a dictaphone to listen to the victim’s conversations with another man together, and then went to the police and surrendered to the authorities. “I could not bear the fact that the woman I loved was receiving a lover in our family home (as it followed from a telephone conversation). I would like to go back in time to rethink these 10 minutes, ”the killer said.

The couple’s neighbors have heard them quarreling many times. In fact, some time ago, the police received a complaint from a neighbor who said that a fierce marital quarrel had taken place in the apartment and that immediate intervention was needed. However, the patrol car, which received the emergency exit signal, according to witnesses, arrived 25 minutes after the signal, but two police officers did not even get out of the car and drove away, neglecting their duties.

A criminal case was initiated against the law enforcement officers by order of the head of the Athens Prosecutor’s Office in order to establish whether they committed criminal acts, for example, violation of official protocol (and to what extent).

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