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Precautions after vaccination

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 does not mean that it is no longer possible to become infected. Andrey Pozdnyakov, head physician of the clinical diagnostic laboratory “Invitro-Siberia”, told RIA Novosti about how to protect yourself in the first days after vaccination.

The infectious disease doctor emphasizes that the most important thing is not to get sick between the first and second doses of the vaccine. The first vaccination activates the immune system to produce antibodies, the process continues for all three weeks until the second injection. If an infection occurs during this period, the body’s reaction is unpredictable – from multisystem lesions to mild ARVI. Therefore, risking is not worth it and you should protect yourself as much as possible from a meeting with a “live virus”. Pozdnyakov explains:

“Therefore, it is important to comply with all anti-epidemic measures. Three weeks later – by the time the second dose of the vaccine is injected – the immune response, as a rule, is already formed, that is, the person is already protected. “

Regarding post-vaccination recommendations. The infectious disease doctor advises to exclude excessive loads in the first 2-3 days after vaccination and in no case give up anti-epidemic measures. He pays attention to the percentage of effectiveness of drugs. If, for example, the claimed effectiveness is 95%, then this means that out of a million people who have received the vaccine, for 50,000 it will be useless.

Scientists suggest that the reason for the lack of a pronounced response of the organism to the drug may be an individual feature of the organism, or rather, its immunity. Pozdnyakov explains:

“Antibodies in these patients are produced in small quantities and may not be detected by standard methods, but the T-cell response will be pronounced.”

However, 5% of those vaccinated do not develop antibodies. The doctor advises in such cases to change the drug and vaccinate others. But not earlier than 3 months after the first vaccination. Then you need to re-check using tests that can determine IgG antibodies to the S-protein of the coronavirus or to the RBD of the S-protein.

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