Expert: “Only vaccinated people should go to the islands”

Professor Nikos Karavelos, Head. the intensive care unit at the Papanikolaou hospital, said that only vaccinated citizens should go to the islands.

Continuing his train of thought, he added: “Compulsory vaccination is necessary if we want to stop the 4th wave of the pandemic.”

A lot of ideas, extended sessions discussing the current situation, as well as a wide variety of proposals are received and considered by the country’s authorities every day, “shaping” the data and attitudes of citizens to the epidemiological situation in the country.

Today it was suggested or, better said, declared that the unvaccinated should not be allowed on the islands! What else will the government come up with, listening to such speeches ?!

Strange proposals – to let only vaccinated people into cafes and restaurants – will most likely not bear significant fruit, since people ride the subway, use public transport (where distance is simply impossible) and, in one way or another, contribute to the spread of the virus. Then, following the logic, you need to make carriages (or trains) for the vaccinated and not. Which, of course, sounds absurd.

In general, it is known that prohibitive measures have never been popular with the public and, as a result, have had poor results, not at all what they were originally designed for. Nevertheless, the government continues to receive various ideas of “specialists” on how to curb the pandemic, and such a proposal is one of them.

Professor Nikos Karavelos’ statement left those who heard it speechless. The words sounded menacing: “None of the unvaccinated should not go on vacation, on a trip.” That is, in a few words, the specialist expressed his tough position, saying that “the unvaccinated should not be allowed a vacation”! This speech was made as a commentary on the situation on the island of Mykonos, where a mini-lockdown was introduced in connection with the outbreak of covid.

The expert insists on compulsory vaccination as “the only effective way if we want to stop the 4th wave of the pandemic.”

“I will also get sick, but easily, without causing problems to others,” the professor said, stressing that he himself was vaccinated, and described vaccination as “everyone’s moral duty”.

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