February 3, 2023

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Museums in Greece in the era of covid

The country’s museums remained closed during the first quarter of this year, which were suspended from November 1, 2020 as part of the measures taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the national statistics agency приостановΛΣΤΑΤ, the archaeological sites, which were suspended from March 14, 2020 to May 17, 2020 and again from November 7, 2020 to March 21, 2021, were operated for a total of 10 days in March.

When comparing the data of the specified period – March 2021 with March 2020 – a decrease in visitors by 91.5%, free (free) entry by 92.5% and a decrease in the box office by 90.6% was recorded.

In the first quarter, the number of visitors to archaeological sites decreased by 98.3%, visitors with free admission by 98%, and tickets issued by 98.6%.

Museums continuing to operate during the pandemic, functioned in compliance with the strictest epidemiological control measures.

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