Vertical rise in the number of coronavirus cases

Yesterday’s vertical rise in coronavirus cases in Greece alarmed many citizens, who today rushed to the free rapid test sites organized in municipalities and carried out by EODY’s mobile medical teams.

Attendance has especially increased compared to previous days, especially in the southern suburbs of Attica.

In the municipality of Glyfada, the municipal authorities in an official statement said that the number of positive tests increased by 8.49% in the city, which is the highest rate since the beginning of the pandemic, and the district is in a state of readiness

In Glyfada, free rapid tests are conducted daily by the EODY mobile unit, from 8 am to 1 pm. Tomorrow, Thursday 8/7, the test can be done at: δρόμο Ποιητών, στη συμβολή Λαμπράκη και Μεταξά. Further, on Friday 9/7 in the open parking lot in front of the City Hall, on Saturday 10/7 at Γ ‘Μαρίνα and on Sunday 11/7 at Δ’ Μαρίνα.

“Despite the fact that it is summer now, we must not relax. The virus is here, and we must all avoid the worst, ”said Glyfada Mayor Georgios Papanikolaou, who urged citizens“ to deliberately approach the issue and take a rapid test in order to find out in time and start treatment if it turns out that someone is sick, but doesn’t know about it yet. On the other hand, the authorities will be able to get a more accurate picture of the epidemiological burden. “

The municipality of Alimos is also seeing an increase in the number of people attending mobile EODY centers in order to take a rapid test.

The procedure is carried out from 9:30 am to 15:00 pm at the 1st KAPI on Kalamakiou Avenue, 72. We remind that several cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the beach bar on Alimos, more than 100 people.

For its part, the municipality of Paleo Faliro issued a municipal council decree calling on citizens to be vaccinated against the pandemic, which, among other things, states: “The pandemic has seriously impacted society, claimed the lives of millions of people, our fellow citizens, and caused severe economic and social a crisis. The virus has changed the way we live and think. Vaccinations are the answer to the pandemic and the surest way to protect our loved ones. If we are vaccinated, then we take our life back and return to normal life. By rallying, we will all be safe and free. “

“Cases of the disease in very young people”
As Nikos Hardalias mentioned yesterday, case tracking shows that the virus is targeting young people (especially those who have visited entertainment centers, crowds).

In particular, Mr. Hardalias announced that the sites of entertainment centers, clubs and bars are the main areas of transmission of the virus. “Currently, the increase in the number of cases is not accompanied by a significant increase in hospitalizations, while intubation and mortality continue to decline,” the minister said.

As he noted, over the past 10 days, according to EODY, the average age of patients has significantly decreased, which is now 27 years. Over the past 24 hours, there have been hundreds of cases of patients who were found to have been in entertainment.

The EODY data for the Southern Sector of Athens presents the following picture: in the municipalities of Alimos and Glyfada (where 66% of cases are aged 15-24), the increase in cases was 6.1% and 8.4%, respectively.

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