Murder of 13-year-old girl in Vienna, detained Afghans awaiting refugee status

The murder in Vienna of a 13-year-old girl, whose body was found on the street by bystanders, rocked the country. The authorities are thinking about toughening the rules for admitting refugees.

The police detained two suspects – they turned out to be guys from Afghanistan, 16 and 18 years old. One of them has already been under investigation and trial – for crimes related to violence and for drugs. The young men were detained a day after the crime by officers from the Vienna State Criminal Police Office, in cooperation with members of the Street Crime Task Force.

On Sunday 26 June, the body of a teenage girl was found in the Vienna-Donaustadt area. Already at the initial examination, with an abundance of hematomas, the police did not rule out a violent death, and the examination established that the girl was strangled. At the same time, death did not occur in the place where passers-by found her, but, most likely, in an apartment or house.

On the same day, the police published a description of the teenager and her clothes, as a result of which the parents were found. They identified the girl and said that the family lived in Tulln (Lower Austria), and the daughter was in the second grade of high school.

During the investigation and questioning of the child’s acquaintances, suspicion fell on two Afghans, 16 and 18 years old, who were detained. It is not yet known whether they were previously familiar with the murdered woman. According to Barbara Gass, a police spokesman, “it’s still being investigated.” Meanwhile, the investigation is in full swing and all the details of the crime are being revealed.

The high-profile murder of a teenage girl threatens to turn into a revision towards toughening the rules for accepting refugees in Austria. The arrested guys are Afghans awaiting refugee status. As it turned out during the investigation, they were at a party with the murdered woman and used drugs, after which the body of the raped girl was on the street.

Sebastian Kurz, Austrian Chancellor, was furious at the news of the crime. He called delusions and “false tolerance” psychological speculations about the possible traumatic experiences of the alleged killers and parental responsibility for the death of a daughter. Kurz said that the rules for admitting refugees need to be revised and tightened as much as possible:

“We must not allow people to come to us, declare that they need protection, and then commit cruel, barbaric crimes in Austria … __We need a clear, consistent procedure in relation to criminals, people who commit crimes with the use of violence in our country, especially when women or children are the victims. ”

According to official figures, the 18-year-old criminal was deprived of state protection 3 years ago, but his appeal is still pending. The Social Democratic Party demands his immediate deportation. The second detainee’s request for refugee status is pending. The Interior Ministry has already promised to deport him if the investigation confirms his involvement in the crime.

But the question arises: since when did deportation become a punishment for a serious crime committed? Isn’t it more fair to first convict and impose an appropriate punishment on the criminals, and only after serving it, deport them? Or similar crimes, committed by them in the future in another country, will no longer be a headache for Austrian law enforcement officers, and these figures will only face another deportation? However, this is the author’s opinion and rhetorical questions. I am not a lawyer and, quite possibly, under the influence of emotions, I may not understand something …

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