February 3, 2023

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Found a painting by Picasso fell to the floor during a presentation at the police (video, photo)

An unprecedented and at the same time extremely ridiculous incident: a Picasso painting, stolen and returned, slipped off a shelf and fell to the floor during a press conference held at the Ministry of Civil Protection in the presence of the Minister of Culture.

The policeman immediately picked up the painting from the floor and put it back on the shelf, thank God, without any visible damage.

Greek cops drooped a recovered 1939 PICASSO HAHAHAHA pic.twitter.com/FFEtw4SxXq

– 👨🏻‍🍼 (@TassosMorfis) June 29, 2021

As we previously reported, the Picasso painting was stolen a builder from the National Gallery of Art in January 2012 and was kept in a plastic bag hidden in the woods until it was found on Tuesday June 29th.

The painting was taken along with the stolen Mondrian painting to the police headquarters so that the Minister of Citizens’ Protection and the Minister of Culture could proudly present the find.

True to the tradition “we all do not care”, the police brought the masterpieces to the exhibition, anyhow, having attached them to the shelf. Protective gloves? No, you haven’t heard. We’ll just put our thumbs aside so that there are no fingerprints on the canvas.

While the Mondrian Windmill quickly adjusted to the temporary catwalk and its fate, Picasso refused to stand for this circus performance. The Spanish masterpiece clearly rebelled against the indifference of the police.

How to prevent a Picasso from falling down – Greek solutions for masterpieces https://t.co/yAZOAJcDRo

– Keep Talking Greece (@keeptalkingGR) June 30, 2021

The savvy people immediately proposed a Greek solution for such cases.

“This painting has special meaning and sentimental value for the Greek people because it was personally dedicated by the great artist to the Greek people for their struggle against fascist and Nazi forces,” said Culture Minister Mendoni after the oversight.

Art critics told the media that gloves were to be used to protect the paintings, and that there were originals in the presentation, not copies.

To add a cherry on top to the country’s ongoing tragicomedy, both Police Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis and Culture Minister Mendoni were advised to link the restoration to the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821.

“The Greek stole them, the Greeks returned them,” Chrysochoidis said unexpectedly during the presentation.

“Today is a special day of joy and emotion,” said Culture Minister Lina Mendoni. “We are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the 1821 revolution. Picasso’s painting has a special weight and value for the Greek people, since Picasso dedicated it to the struggle of the Greek people against the fascist axis and has the artist’s own handwritten signature. This is why the painting cannot be sold and exhibited as it is fully identified as stolen from the National Gallery of Art. “

“The National Gallery closed for renovated in 2013 year, shortly after the theft. She is opened in March 2021 for a few days to pay tribute to the struggle of the Greek people for independence and self-determination. The correlation is obvious, ”Mendoni said.

The only “obvious connection” I see is that Picasso would have thrown away his painting brushes and become a singer or whatever if he were still alive and saw how Greece treated his precious masterpiece. especially considering his handwritten dedication.

However, many of our readers, judging by comments to the previous publication, it is believed that it would be better if he did so

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