Athonite Elder spoke about his attitude to compulsory vaccination against COVID-19

Athos hieromonk Euthymias believes that the coronavirus issue has turned from a medical one to a political, economic and spiritual one.

Church News Agency Romfea published letter of Hieromonk Euthymius of Kaliva of the Resurrection of Christ to Mount Athos, in which he spoke about his attitude to compulsory vaccination from the coronavirus.

The hieromonk noted that the issue of coronavirus and vaccination against it now worries many more than all other problems, and some Greek “bishops threatened priests, monks and the people of God, forcing them to be vaccinated.”

“Our Savior Christ healed only those who asked Him for healing,” the elder wrote. – And other sick people, before healing, He first asked: “Do you want to be healthy?” (John 5, 6). He does not heal or save a person against his will, despite the fact that He really wants our salvation. God does not abolish our freedom and respects our free will, which He gave us Himself. “

In his opinion, today human freedom is being trampled upon, and “after the intimidation of the virus, terror ensued because of the compulsory and compulsory vaccination.” Unfortunately, he added, we live in a period of discrimination, hatred and division of people into different categories. The same applies to vaccination certificates, which will exclude people who have not been vaccinated from different areas of life.

The issue of coronavirus from a medical one has become rather political and economic, but also spiritual, “because, under the pretext of a pandemic, we are deprived of our free will and the right to refuse vaccination,” the elder stated.

He stressed that people should have the right to make their own decisions – to get vaccinated against coronavirus or not, and no one should force them to do this. In addition, according to Hieromonk Euthymius, if this vaccine had been well studied, provided full protection for the vaccinated and did not cause serious side effects and even death, people would have asked to be vaccinated.
(translation by UOJ).

Earlier we reported that the Prime Minister of Greece asked the Orthodox hierarchs during the sermon urge believers to vaccinate… Kiryakos Mitsotakis is sure that the hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church should, during the sermon, encourage the believing people to be vaccinated. He asked them to make such an appeal to believers.

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