Greece offers young people 150 euros for vaccinations

Kyriakos Mitsotakis introduced privileges for the vaccinated, which the government dubbed “incentives,” “amenities,” or “encouragement of vaccination.”

The “card of freedom” is coming
After the first vaccination, young people under 25 will be issued a prepaid card in the amount of EUR 150 – Freedom pass.

As well as :

additional benefits in tourism, culture and transport; vaccinated will be more comfortable to move and stay indoors; young people will be able to travel freely.

“From now on, another window of freedom is opening,” Kiryakos Mitsotakis said, noting that finally, the time has come for the state to “reward” (reward) a group of citizens who have been vaccinated.

Freedom pass

The prepaid card will be generated automatically by the AMKA of every young person vaccinated in 2021 and will be gradually depleted depending on its use through a mobile app or with a certificate for those young people who do not have a smartphone.

Skertsos: “Only the vaccinated are safe”
The government’s presentation of measures to promote vaccination was preceded by a speech by Deputy Minister Akis Skertsos.

“Since the recession of the pandemic gives a false sense of security and complacency, it is important to say that the fight against coronavirus is not over yet and that only vaccinated citizens are safe,” said Mr Skertsos.

In addition, he noted: “Since Operation Freedom to Vaccinate the Population (επιχείρηση Ελευθερία για τον εμβολιασμό του πληθυσμού) is proceeding smoothly, we have exceeded 8 million vaccinations, which means that more than 4.7 million citizens have already received the first dose of vaccines. And nearly 3.6 million people have completed vaccinations. “

Pierrakakis: “150 euros with a prepaid card for young people 18-25 years old with a down payment”
The Freedom Pass is expected to be ready by the third decade of July.

According to the Minister of Digital Government, “those who were born between 1996 and 2003 can get it. The card will be credited with an amount of EUR 150. The map can be used for tourism and culture (includes default categories).

To find out where Freedom pass payments are accepted, visit When everything is ready, the citizen will submit an application, and within a day he will be immediately issued a card. “

According to Mr. Pierrakakis, “young people will be able to use the card to buy tickets for travel, hotel expenses, as well as to attend cultural events, concerts, cinemas and theaters”.

Theocharis: “We encourage young people to travel”
The Minister of Tourism said that “the freedom card is a card for young people, which will provide them with preferential conditions, provided that they are vaccinated.”

“This is proof that the Ministry of Tourism is also involved in the promotion of vaccinations, as travel and accommodation at tourist sites is made easier with the youth card,” Mr Theocharis pointedly emphasized and added that “the youth card (Freedom pass) is an invitation to return to normal rhythm of life “.

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