Delta Strain Disease Symptoms

“We went beyond just discussing the Delta mutation. The virus is spreading rapidly on a global scale and something urgently needs to be done about it, ”said Charalambos Gogos, professor of pathology and infectious diseases at the University of Patras and a member of the scientific committee of the Ministry of Health.

“There are special characteristics of this mutation that are clearly alarming. Firstly, the high speed of transmission (spreading) and, secondly, due to the fact that it penetrates into cells more easily, it certainly causes disease, “Mr. Gogos commented on Greek TV.

“This is a more complex strain than the previous ones, and it is spreading around the world rather quickly. In a short time, the number of cases has doubled in many countries. We are concerned that it will become the dominant strain in the EU and Greece, ”the expert added, asking to be especially careful when the first signs of illness appear.

In addition to the features associated with the spread and resistance to immunity, the “Delta” variant turned out to be peculiar in terms of symptoms… The infected do not have the usual loss of smell for the coronavirus.

Three characteristic symptoms stand out:

headache, sore throat, runny nose.

To this can be added fever and cough. Therefore, those infected with the new strain of coronavirus often mistake it for the common cold.

The new virus strain is dangerous. Nature magazine interviewed scientists from different countries and found that many of them consider the “Delta” more deadly and more resistant to modern vaccines and treatments.

Experiments on hamsters conducted in the spring of 2021 at the NIV showed that Delta causes more severe pneumonia than infection with other variants of the virus.

“Vaccination is the most powerful weapon against coronavirus and its mutations”
“The most powerful weapon we have to fight against coronavirus and mutations is wide and rapid vaccination coverage in general, not only in our country, in order to reduce the likelihood of the virus multiplying in society and create the necessary herd immunity,” the professor said.

“We have a pandemic, so global vaccination coverage is very important,” he said. According to Mr. Gogos, the new strain “does not cause disease in vaccinated people, but there is the possibility of transmission of infection by them.”

“Compliance with personal protective measures should be on the agenda, that is, the use of a mask indoors or in crowded places,” said Mr. Gogos, stressing that conditions for the vaccinated are not “privileges, but rights.”

Delta strain

The Indian strain of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (B.1.617, or “Delta” variant) is rapidly spreading around the world. This version – or mutation – was first discovered in India in October 2020. Since then, researchers have identified three subtypes known as B.1.617.1 (the “original” B.1.617), B.1.617.2, and B.1.617.3. Each of which has a slightly different genetic makeup. On June 18, 2021, WHO announced that Delta was becoming the dominant disease variant worldwide.

Viruses are constantly mutating. Some variants may be more contagious. To avoid being tied to any territory and associated negative associations, WHO introduced letter designations for new dangerous strains of viruses: alpha (British), beta (South African), gamma (Brazilian), delta (Indian). In May, due to the spread of the Delta variant, the WHO ranked it among the variants of viruses of “concern”.

In May 2021, in a genomic analysis of the B.1.617 strain, Indian scientists from the National Institute of Virology (NIV) identified eight mutations in the spike protein of the virus, thanks to which it enters cells. Two of these allow the virus to spread at a faster rate. The third mutation is similar to that of the Brazilian strain P.1 (variant “gamma”) and helps the virus partially escape from the immune system.

British experts believe B.1.617.2 is 50% more infectious. German virologists received similar data – “Delta” spreads faster and more effectively escapes the action of antibodies.

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