Catastrophe: 4th wave in the fall

“We are in for a disaster,” said Nikos Karavelos, director of the intensive care unit at Papanikolaou Hospital, commenting on the possibility of a fourth wave of covid pandemic coming this fall.

As the expert said on SKAI TV, in the event of the fourth wave in October or November, with the prevalence of the Indian mutation and 50% of the unvaccinated, “we will not talk about a crisis in the health care system,” we will face a complete collapse.

At the same time, Mr. Karavelos noted that those who received both doses of the vaccine have the highest protection against severe disease and mortality if they do get infected.

“The patient will be ill in a mild form, and he will not have to be hospitalized in the hospital,” the specialist said.

The expert warned that the Delta mutation affects children more, and in Israel and America they are already talking about vaccination of children over 12 years old.

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