Alimos wound up … Savvas

He settled on the beach of Alimos! Savvas is the first metal shark in Greece to feed exclusively on plastic.

The purpose of the shark-shaped metal structure is to collect plastic for recycling, and to raise the environmental awareness of all citizens and especially children. There is her “younger brother” in Cyprus.

Savvas recently settled directly opposite Cine Alimos thanks to volunteers from the environmental organization All For Blue Organization and the pharmaceutical company Medochemie.

Residents of Alimos are in a hurry to “feed” him
Before the inauguration of the “ecological statue”, certified divers of the organization and athletes from the team carried out an underwater cleaning of the area. People on the beach also reacted immediately: both old and young rushed to “feed” Savvas with everyday plastic waste of all kinds.

As the head of All For Blue, Katerina Topuzoglu told APE-MPE, “the goal is to raise awareness among citizens about the protection of the marine ecosystem and set a good example given the start of the tourist season.”

The idea proved to be very successful, judging by the enthusiastic reaction of the young children who came to the beach and filled the stomach of the “hungry shark with plastic bottles.”

Freediving instructor from the team and former athletics champion Dimitris Kumulos, who regularly participates in the clean-up of the seabed, says: “Preserving the environment and improving our relationship with nature through protection, combined with leisure and sports activities, is a model of culture ”.

Savvas is a shark-shaped metal structure that collects plastic for recycling.
“Despite the fact that new generations are especially sensitive to environmental issues, unfortunately, there is still behavior that proves a lack of respect from some of our fellow citizens. We are here to join forces and lay the foundations to change this attitude. And Savvas is our ally in these efforts. “

In addition, a contest was announced, where participants can upload their photo by “feeding” Savvas with a bottle with the hashtag #AllForBlue. Every week, the most original photo will be published, and for it you can get small souvenirs and gifts from the All For Blue organization.

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