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For those who want to preserve youth and health

It is never too late to preserve youth, regain activity and attractiveness, you just have to try to get rid of the habits that destroy our body. Doctors distinguish among them five main, the most merciless.

Imbalance between fiber and sugar

Almost everyone knows that sugar is harmful to the body and tries to monitor the amount of its consumption. However, it is often forgotten that it is also present in most ready-made products, even in tomato sauce and bread. Therefore, when reducing the daily allowance, which will improve bowel function and strengthen its health, this factor must be taken into account. But the daily amount of fiber, on the contrary, should be increased. Nutritionist David Zinchenko explains:

“When you reduce your intake of added sugar, there will be a number of changes in your body at a shocking rate. First, you will start burning fat immediately. Reducing the intake of high-calorie carbohydrates automatically reduces the number of calories you consume daily, which forces the body to use the stored fat around the belly for energy. The stomach will become flatter in just a few days. This is one of the first things you notice when replacing simple carbohydrates with high fiber foods. When sugar is consumed, gut microbes, which are supposed to burn excess fat, get less of their “food”, and unhealthy microbes that feed on sugar, on the contrary, thrive. “

Lack of Sanskrin Leads to Aging

Dermatologist Ava Shamban notes that sunscreen should be used daily and should be applied every time before going outside (protection level at least 30):

“Outdoors and in more intense sun, apply a new layer of sunscreen every 90 minutes at 30 SPF and don’t forget your hat or special clothing.”

Lack of activity

Mayo Clinic recommends that you devote at least 150 minutes a week to moderate physical activity and 75 minutes to intense training. For maximum exercise effect, it is best to alternate: “More exercise will bring even greater health benefits.”

Tea selection

The antioxidant EGCG is a powerful compound found almost exclusively in green tea. It plays an important role in the breakdown of fat and prevents the formation of fat cells. Changing your tea diet is an important step in a healthy diet, says nutritionist Kelly Choi. The expert advises drinking green tea in the morning, when the body absorbs its nutrients most efficiently. If it didn’t work out in the morning, drink green tea 4 hours after eating.

Age is not a reason to refuse beneficial changes.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains that it’s never too late to improve your diet and break unhealthy habits. She says:

“It’s never too late to change your lifestyle or switch to proper nutrition. And this applies to everyone. When I was getting my master’s degree, we had to analyze our own food and write a three-day diary. I started with the thought that I just couldn’t eat better. But then I discovered that my micronutrient deficiency exceeds 30%. Not that I was eating fast food every day, I just didn’t get the right amount of fruits and vegetables. “

Maybe it’s time to think about your own diet? After all, you must agree, it is so attractive to prolong youth and stay healthy!

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