July 15, 2024

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Treasure in the trash heap

A 100-year-old piano made at the Schimmel factory in Leipzig was found disassembled and thrown into the trash. A musical instrument, according to a specialist, is a real “treasure”!

The ethnomusicologist, manufacturer and restorer of musical instruments Panayotis Stupiadis, who learned about this, arrived at the place indicated by Facebook users and, seeing the “value”, took the piano by truck to his workshop to put it in order.

“The broken piano was found last year, in June, abandoned at the crossroads of Delphi and Martiou Streets in Thessaloniki. The instrument was discovered by Thanasis Thessaloniki, who took a picture of it and posted pictures in the Unknown Thessaloniki group on Facebook. After a long discussion about whether it has the piano is valuable and whether it should be thrown into the trash like this, I decided to go and look at the subject of controversy.

As soon as I saw this magnificent ancient musical instrument, I immediately called a transport (transportation) and took it from the street.

While I was waiting for the crane to come up to load it, I happened to meet a woman who threw out the piano. “His former owner just wanted to get rid of the massive object that only cluttered the space of the apartment, and decided to do it in such a barbaric way,” says Mr. Stupiadis APE-MPE.

Piano 1922 release
The original estimate of the date of manufacture of the musical instrument was later confirmed by contacting the manufacturer.

The piano was made in 1922, it is small, upright, weighs 200 kg, its body is made of cast iron, and the strings are supposedly made of 14-carat gold or an alloy of gold and copper.

It took a year and a lot of money to restore the piano, but the cost of a musical instrument, after its complete restoration, will be enormous.

“In the year that has passed since the day the piano fell into my hands, it was assembled and painted, and minor repairs were made. Necessary major repairs will be made subject to availability of money. So far, the cost of the work has reached 2,300 euros. According to my estimates, to fully restore the rarity, it will take about 3000-4000 euros more. Its antiquity is what increases the cost of repairs. The piano will have to go through the hands of the manufacturer and piano repairman / maintenance technician Panagiotis Ioannidis, who will take over the tuning so that it can be played again.

The price of a piano is estimated at about 15-20 thousand euros, but, again, this is a small value compared to other grand pianos. Money for repairs will be found gradually, but I think the piano is not worth selling. I will keep it for personal use. Every musical instrument is worth the effort of repair and maintenance, otherwise it would not have been made. Awful, but this magnificent specimen could have been used for kindling a fireplace, ”said the restorer.

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