More than 1000 closed taverns and restaurants

According to the President of the General Confederation of Greece Professionals (GSEVEE), Mr. Georgios Kavvatas, the catering industry has lost more than 1000 companies this year, and about 20% -25% remain on the verge of closure.

The situation is especially difficult for enterprises that have been closed for 15 months and have been losing for the second season in a row. The saddest thing for the industry is that by the end of the year, when state support for enterprises will end under an agreement that obliges them not to fire employees, these numbers may increase many times over.

Pressure on those who opened up

At the same time, even startups face a number of challenges, many of which relate to local government. These issues were the focus of their meeting yesterday with the Minister of the Interior, Mr Makis Voridis, and the Deputy Minister of the Interior in charge of local government, Mr Stelios Petsas, President of the General Confederation of Professional Artisans and Traders of Greece (GSEBEO) of food and related Professions (POESE) Mr. Georgios Kavvatas together with the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce (EEC) Mr. Ioannis Hatziteodosiou. Specifically, the issues raised by the WTO and ESA are as follows:

There should be a mandatory exemption for companies from fees for occupying public areas of municipalities and from mutual fees for cleaning and electricity during blocking (March-May 2020 and from November 2020 to June 2021). Restoration of the repayment of debts to local authorities in accordance with Article 165 of Law 4764 / 12/23/2020, which were confirmed or not, or overdue until 06/30/2021. Amend Article 55 of Law 4483 / 31.7.2017 to revoke the revocation of the license to use the common areas in the event of a repeated violation within a year. To amend Article 49 of Law 4795 / 17.4.2021, which extended the professional lease of OTA real estate, removing the time limit and applying an extension of 2 years, regardless of the expiry date of the lease.

During the meeting, the competent Deputy Minister of the Interior Mr. S. Petsas agreed that there should be an immediate legislative initiative to address the issues raised by the representatives of POESE and EEC.

At the same time, other issues related to the catering sector were mentioned (for example, PD 180/79 amendment to seal health service stores (KYE), municipal fees, exorbitant fines and their increase).

In fact, within the next few days, an agreement was reached on a new meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. M. Voridis, in order to comprehensively discuss and resolve these issues.

Finally, the industry is complaining that there is still a ban on music reproduction, as well as restricting people on reception, instead of being obliged to maintain certain distances between tables, as was the case last year.

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