Nobody expected: Boris Johnson’s bride married in a second-hand dress

Carrie Symonds’ wedding dress has finally been returned and given back to where it was taken after a “secret wedding” with Boris Johnson on Saturday 29-05-21.

Wedding outfit for rent? Nobody expected such obvious stinginess from such a famous person! However, the wife of the British Prime Minister, citing her “ecological thinking”, said it was her idea to rent the dress instead of buying it.

The 33-year-old bride wore a £ 2,870 wedding dress by Greek designer Christos Costarellos, which it turned out she rented for just £ 45 from MyWizardHQ on her wedding day.

Newly baked newlyweds – Boris and Carrie Symonds have decided to postpone their honeymoon “for a year” so that the British Prime Minister can return to his duties and focus on the fight against the coronavirus.

Top Secret Wedding

Johnson’s office said a small ceremony took place on Saturday afternoon, followed by a reception with family and close friends in the garden of the Prime Minister’s residence. As it became known, next summer the couple will again celebrate the wedding with family and friends. The bride, as expected, took her husband’s surname.

According to the Daily Mail tabloid, there were 30 people at the wedding on Saturday – the maximum number allowed in Britain during the coronavirus pandemic. Johnson became the first British prime minister to marry during his tenure in nearly 200 years. Prior to his marriage to Simonds, he was married twice.

As noted by the media, for the first time, Symonds’ romantic relationship with Johnson became known to the public in 2019. Previously, Kerry worked for the press office of the Conservative Party of Great Britain and Johnson’s election campaign for mayor of London. In 2018, she started working in public relations for the marine conservation organization Oceana.

In February 2020, the couple announced their engagement and pregnancy to Symonds. In April 2020, they had a son, Wilfred. The wedding was scheduled for this date a long time ago, and everyone who knew about it and was invited took a vow of silence. The guests vowed that they would not talk anywhere about the marriage of the British Prime Minister to Carrie Symonds.

Why the bride chose a “second hand” wedding dress
Traditionally overseas brides include something borrowed in their wedding look, but of course few will choose a wedding dress that doesn’t belong to them. Especially if they knew that the whole UK would pay attention to their person.

Nevertheless, Carrie Symonds acted “very modern” by renting a wedding dress, in which she married British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A hand-embroidered tulle dress from Greek designer Christos Costarellos was available for purchase for 2,870 as part of an exclusive collection for high-end online retailer Net-a-Porter.

Many who found out about this incident, to smithereens criticized the prime minister’s eerie parsimony, which went beyond the bounds of decency. Only some hipster or poor wretch could allow the bride to be dressed in a second-hand dress, but certainly not the first person of the European state!

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