A boat with 170 migrants arrives in Kalamata

Over the past two weeks, ten ships, sailboats and yachts with migrants on board moved to Italy from Turkey. Seven of them were found by the Italian Coast Guard and the remaining three by the Greek authorities.

The most recent was discovered on Easter Sunday afternoon. There were 170 migrants on board. Arriving at the search and rescue zone on the Greek maritime border, the boat received mechanical damage and was left without a crew.

Some of the passengers gave an SOS signal to members of international non-governmental organizations, who, in turn, posted a call for help on the Internet. In addition, passengers have notified “Ολυμπία Radio” by phone. Initially, an attempt was made to tow the boat. At the same time, the passengers of the ship expressed a desire to be transported to Italy, and not to Greece.

The fact that migrants turned out to be so “savvy” and knew perfectly well where to call and what to do, no longer surprises anyone. Since on the coast of Turkey, before traveling “beyond the cordon”, refugees are carefully informed about how to behave in order to get to their final destination normally.

The faulty boat with migrants was towed to the port of Kalamata by a 60-meter offshore ship of the Greek Navy with the code “060”. Details of the route, as well as additional information, are expected to be known in the near future, as part of a preliminary investigation by the authorities of the port of Kalamata.

The flow of migrants trying to cross from Turkey directly to Italy, crossing the Aegean Sea, either south of the Peloponnese or south of Crete, started early last fall. Within a few weeks, 33 boats managed to cross the Aegean Sea and reach the neighboring country of Greece.

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