June 25, 2024

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The taxi driver was seriously injured while trying to catch the thieves

In Patras, a taxi driver was seriously injured and hospitalized. The incident occurred while trying to catch the gypsies who robbed him.

The taxi driver was taken to Rio hospital with serious injuries. According to police authorities in Patras, a man took two passengers to a camp located in Riganokampos. At that moment, one of the guys said that he had no money to pay off, but he would “go home and bring the required amount.”

However, at that moment, two or three more Roma people suddenly appeared, opened the trunk of a taxi, grabbed a bag with money and instantly disappeared from the scene.

The taxi driver jumped out of the car in panic, intending to catch the thieves. However, in a hurry, he forgot to put the car on the handbrake, as a result of which the vehicle started to move. Realizing that his car was about to crash somewhere, the man thought that he would have time to jump into the driver’s seat and press the brake.

Alas, he failed to do this, and the car actually “squeezed” the taxi driver into the fence. The man, who was seriously injured, was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The police are conducting operational actions at the scene.

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