Nope Smirni: a sexy pervert stalked a girl

The police station in the Nea Smyrni metropolitan area received a statement from a young girl who was the victim of a sexual assault. According to a local resident, a stranger was chasing her in unbuttoned pants, demonstrating his “manhood.”

The young woman also describes on social media what happened to her that evening. An inadequate man chased her from the tram line to the house.

The frightened girl says that “if she did not have the key in her hands, with which she quickly opened the entrance door and literally slipped out from under the maniac’s nose, she does not know how it all could have ended.” The incident was recorded by a surveillance camera and the victim filed a complaint with the local police station.

On the material removed from the video cameras by the guardians of the law, it can be seen that the man unbuttons his trousers and approaches the girl, squeezing the penis in his hand. The girl addresses the public: “If anyone recognizes this character, please contact me. I have already filed a complaint with the police.”

Recall that recently, more and more often in the summary of incidents are similar examples of offenses (on a sexual basis). Experts believe that the closure of brothels during the pandemic has “dismissed” inadequate and sick people. Due to the fact that they could not satisfy their desire in a legitimate way (by going to prostitutes), they began to attack the townspeople.

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